Skuff is from the UK and makes rap music. He's well good at it and gets you right in the feels sometimes. His songs can be moving, heart felt, poignant and sometimes quite funny, but at the same time all have that indescribable flavor that makes good hip hop dope as fuck.  

His last album Destroy Everything saw him spotlighted by BBC Introducing as Discovery of the Week on both 1Xtra & Radio 1, earned a slot on their hallowed Glastonbury stage, and bagged a headline show at Boombap (the UK’s only hiphop festival). The LP was also nominated for Best Solo Album by Wordplay Magazine and placed third in the Readers’ Choice Album of the Year. On the side he’s a designer & co-founder of Supremebeing clothing, handles album artwork for his self and others, and makes his ownvideos and stuff.

An accomplished MC with crazy flows, distinct voice and larger than life stage presence, Skuff balances blistering live shows with a playful attitude and down to earth persona, allowing brutally honest self deprecating tales to sit next to braggadocio rap bangers and moving political rants without coming off as whinging, lecturing, or showing off. Most of the time. 

Level is a paired back, stripped down album of raw beats and deceptively straight up lyricism. The punchline driven bars mask clever wordplay, hidden meanings and deep sentiment in even measures. Even the name has multiple levels - also meaning to destroy, aim, or play mind games. Beats are handled by a roster of production talent varying from the almost unknown to the near legendary, including DJ Nappa (Phi Life Cipher), Leaf Dog (The Four Owls), Dirty Dike, Bee 109 (Delegates of Culture), Chairman Maff, Remulak, Klemenza and Skuff himself.

Level is released 5th November on Audio Danger Records.